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B Resort

Sound System Renovation

Our typical hotel sound system renovation entails replacement of troublesome older model mixers, amplifiers, room audio combiners and microphone inputs plates. The racks, wiring and speakers are usually checked and re-used, as they have a much longer useful lifetime than the electronic components.

B Resort pool area
Pool area, B Resort & Spa


The recently renovated B Resort & Spa, an official Walt Disney World® resort located just outside Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida, was a notable exception. With the age of the original building, the owners embarked on a year-long project to strip out almost the entire interior and rebuild…a considerable renovation to the original hotel.


B Resort & Spa bar area


Where our original plan was for replacement of the electronics and speakers in four ballrooms and four meeting rooms, plans grew to include sound systems for two new meeting rooms, all with touch panel remote controls in the rooms, plus background music for a new fitness center, outdoor meeting patio, pool bar and pool deck, plus music in the restaurant, pre-function areas, lobby, corridors, restrooms, elevators, spa, snack bar, porte cochere, and even underwater speakers in the pool itself!


B Resort & Spa


Many amplifiers, zone attenuators and a few customer controls later, B Resort & Spa’s expanded needs for a more luxurious hotel, spa and meeting center were accomplished.



Holton-Arms School

Performing Arts Theater Audio Renovation

The Holton-Arms School is a college-preparatory school for girls grades 3-12 in Bethesda, MD. The school has proven to not only provide one of the best education opportunities for young women, in the area, but also development of the whole girl–mind, soul and spirit.

street view of Holton-Arms School Holton Arms School, Bethesda, MD



When Mark Robinson was brought on as Technical Director and Theater Manager in 2012 he soon learned that the performing arts theater was very much in need of an audio system renovation.

The old gymnasium had been converted into the James Whittier Lewis Theater in 1989. The theater had undergone several stages of audio renovations over the years, but technical issues and sound design problems persisted creating an environment where feedback was prevalent and sound coverage was very inconsistent. Additionally, engineers in the production booth could not hear what was happening on the stage or in the theater.


Mark Robinson Mark Robinson, Technical Director


The result is sound with better quality and more even coverage throughout the theater with an increased gain before feedback.

The staff at Holton-Arms School, led by Mark Robinson, began looking for a company who could help. Having completed other projects at the school in the past, they turned to Metro Technical Services. Noel Gregos met with Mark and the team and began to design a custom audio system that would meet their needs.

Metro Technical added stacks of five Bose MA-12 line array speakers on either side of the proscenium powered by a Bose Power-Match 4000w amplifier. The small profile of the speakers allows them to be mounted in the optimal position for acoustics while not interfering with the visual aesthetic of the theater.


James Whittier Lewis Performing Arts Center James Whittier Lewis Performing Arts Center


To address the lack of sound in the booth, four BOSE Model 16 speakers were mounted on the front wall of the booth to accommodate the booth engineers during rehearsals and performances.

Metro Technical was able to complete the project on time and within budget, creating a system that delivers better quality sound, even coverage throughout the theater, increased sound level while almost eliminating feedback and providing more accurate sound in the booth for the operators.